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We provide leading solutions to agricultural.

About us

At Tim's Orchard, we are on a mission to bring you the finest and most exquisite organic farm produce. Our 25-acre organic farm, nestled in the embrace of nature, is dedicated to cultivating the most luscious rambutan, mangosteen, and avocado.

With a passion for organic and sustainable farming, we take pride in delivering the purest and healthiest fruits straight to your doorstep.

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The Precision For Agriculture

Customized advice to smallholder farmers with radical efficiency and scalability agricultural methods used. Curabitur mollis bibendum luctus.


Natural Wheats

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Fresh Vegetables

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Fresh Fruits

Study the economic and social aspects the production, distribution and consumption products.


Healty Cattle

Preserve renewable natural resources, regulate their use, increase them and promote their rational.


Modern Truck

Approve and supervise agricultural vocational school programs provide assistance and formulate.


Farm Plans

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We have a team of professionals, dedicated to providing excellent service.